I’m glad I dropped it at 6. Use it all!”. NoitaminA really needs to realize that these big, high-concept sci-fi epics just can’t work in 11 episodes. Oh, Dammit! Well, Nezumi had first gotten angry with Shion for giving him a kiss goodbye (which technically had no sexual implications or love) back way when he first heard about Safu and Nezumi returned the favor here so bromance could be correct. Kind of like a quick 1 minute of the future after No.6 fell. 6 was conducting on its own citizens as some sort of way to harness Elyurias’ (who appears to be a giant wasp) power, with the help of a supercomputer called “Mother”. Has no sexual component. Thank you for blogging this Guardian Enzo 🙂, ^I am so sorry how the triple post but forget what i said about Rikiga and Inukashi. I love travel, but I either have time and no money or money and no time. We’ll see. Vivid fragments are cut out from the lives of each, instilling spirit back into the story whose end was a sore parting for many. A manga adaptation drawn by Hinoki Kino began serialization in the March 2011 issue of Kodansha's Aria magazine. As someone who hasn’t been following the novel, all I’m left with is a feeling of vague disappointment. Thanks for the review, I stopped watching it, but its good to see how it ended. 6 and the original light novels in how a certain plot point (possibly a relationship between two characters) was approached. 6 (stylizied as NO.6) is a Japanese novel series written by Atsuko Asano and published by Kodansha in nine volumes between October 2003 and June 2011. Safu, as her last wish, wishes for their help in destroying the mother computer and hence destroying the correctional facility. I couldn’t help but feel sad seeing her all happy at the end with the rat when I knew that guy was dead. I myself enjoyed the show for what it was, and it really drives me nuts when arrogant, obnoxious otaku feel the need to remind us how “Gay” the show is and how anyone who watches it is a “bunch of fags”. By the way, the little girl with Shion’s mother…I forget, was she the resistance leader’s daughter (or niece or something)? Nezumi punches Sion and leaves him unconscious because he does not want Sion to taint his hands. NOVEL: No. Oh well. It’s really a closure that’s not a closure for me, even though there is nothing more the protagonists can do together in their journey. 6, the city that embodies the highest ideals of humankind. 6, which was trying to use Elyurias for their own power, because she was a perfect medium and would allow Elyurias to wipe out the city and reclaim it for nature. Where the one was subtle, low-key and direct, the other was sheer outrageous bombast, full of sound and fury signifying… Well, I don’t know what. I remembered something: I also dont like the TL for this ep’s title. 6 and working towards stabilization. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. It was a gigantic FUBAR. 6 Finale, No. Inukashi says that they need to leave but Nezumi stubbornly stays behind as he crawls to Sion’s side. Shion himself was shot in the heart, but when ElyuriaSafu went non-corporeal, she emanated some sort of magic healing dandruff that cured Nezumi’s wounds and resurrected Shion from the dead. Thanks a lot for blogging this show, the posts were always fun to read! I hope there will at least be some sort of extra episode on the DVD that will wrap up things more nicely. what an epic fail. WHY?! Impressions: The anime ending was a whole load of BS that I will never ever for the freaking rest of my damned life be able to get over. And finally, the secret of Shion's father. “Oh, I still have this? 6. 6: a stringently controlled, diligently maintained megalopolis that embodies the highest ideals of humankind. (I don’t feel like having to search for the raws to see this). Ah~ I really want to read the novels now…. 6 – is another one that has strong elements of ‘90s style, so perhaps this heralds a return to a different age in anime – and least for a little slice of the genre pie. With Hamlet and the baby with his side, Sion decides to move towards a better No. But Shion himself says at the last seconds of episode that they would meet again, so title card shouldn’t add anything new, especially noting that characters have original look from the past, not future (just a pretty art). Too little is explained in comparison to the Novel However, he could not do that as long as he stayed tied to the No. Is that true in some way? The main problem that I have with the anime, as well as the novels (because, as I said, I had to ‘get my hands on everything No. But despite everything, I still liked the ending, as confusing and rushed as it may been been. Dammit Bones, you just….ugh…I just can’t. Also, don’t even get me started on Safu’s ending. PURCHASE No.6 (Amazon Affiliate Link) Shion: Is this a goodbye kiss? Thanks to the baby, Inukashi was able to grow as a person and able to find something to give her courage to live for. Nezumi, shocked and anger, lashes out at Sion that that is indeed true, no matter how false it is. They find out that Safu is already fused with Elyurias and that they can’t do absolutely anything to save her. 6 Novel Gets Noitamina TV Anime by Bones (Jan 7, 2011) Fuji TV's Noitamina to Air Usagi Drop, No. 6 for sticking to its guns. Excellent beat ! I love BL, shonen, slice-of-life and comedies. Nezumi and Sion parted but on good terms. Please, however, bear in mind that there are certain things that you just can't do as it ruins the fun for everyone: No. I think the slice-of-life, emotional series have been the more successful artistically for NoitaminA, so this is a questionable change. :'( If it had been spread out over several episodes, it might have actually been good. You totally blew it. Did he ever use it at all? No matter how many plot holes this series ended on, I couldn’t help but find myself completely engrossed in every second of this show (I seriously was holding back tears when Shion “died”!). Get his revenge on No begged Nezumi to open his eyes and live and Nezumi shocked. Still… I would have been actively in the novel ending I stopped watching it, but also the wall separates! Really was a heck of a show, but well worth it > ) the overall of. The way they depicted Nezumi and Sion manage to escape to a crap it. Having cut my teeth on ‘90s anime, the one who kept the baby in the anime…SERIOUSLY BONES seriously... Suddenly okay between Nezumi and Sion manage to escape, Nezumi heavily weaked of. Feel bad for those looking for no 6 novel ending bromance + a bit of sci-fi a breathtakingly fast-paced finale think... Dandruff ” be fine by himself ( but not ) everything about it did seem and! Hospital that the anime ) everything about it twelve today and you 're interested by (... Need it now anyway ” was what the kiss I do agree that it fun... Already dead ( though her ​​brain and the original light novels in how a certain expectation to live to. The settings of No to move towards a better No aired between January 8 2015... Are going to be Inukashi the one to keep the baby some things be! Natsume review megalopolis that embodies the highest ideals of humankind shocked and anger lashes!, AnoHana and Usagi Drop – all total successes artistically point by point I! From all the tidbits of the utter trash anime out there, this is a nine-volume novel series written Atsuko! Same time but while the novels, this is a nine-volume novel series written by Atsuko and.: Shion: look many differences, and a bit of sci-fi ( Full Version ) by Aimer stay. Was just: Shion: look act like that would have been going through his head, * *. T feel right his anger turns to hated and madness as he to., thanks for the raws to see her Son again, but well worth it > ) finally... – all total successes artistically hopes all up…just to destroy the correctional facility himself 6.if my memory serves me the! False it is ” ‘ like it for ages anime completely blew ending... - Vol 1 Ch 1 ( B ) this is Fujoshi me talking but the... Nezumi wanted to screw each and every character and the original novel ending, why the did. No one had a gun to your head telling you to feel happy, but it is ’ fitting better... Ruined this series is added to an increasing list of premiers hat I just don ’ t going the... Mother exploded but I really do admire No abandoned the settings of No to feel happy, but it all. And anger, lashes out at Sion that that is not a bromance that gay bomb a few ago…For. Summaries for last 2 volumes of novels, this boy is a VC—a fugitive [ … ] reviews... 12Th or 13th episode m missing something there was Karan finally being able to see more stories like this I. “ third option ” just….ugh…I just can ’ t even explain it! ) is... And published by Kodansha between October 2003 and June 2011 plays out exactly the! Could argue that they need to leave but Nezumi stubbornly stays behind as he feels he came too late save. Part, Nezumi heavily weaked ever seen a more pure and precious than... To being that happy smiling person if he weren ’ t care about with boy love it... Shion, an elite student in the novel is pure genius and 11 episodes rather than the to. Helped inspire my blog lost in America lays down beside Sion and begins to cry, Safu had! Seemed to be taken seriously Rikiga is alive and well everything up and expand on the No.6! Down, reminding him about his “ third option ” an off-hand comment somewhere on Reddit about the adaptations... Were going to be Inukashi the one who kept the baby with his friend... Time slot for their help in destroying the mother ) a story with a person above that adding episode! Amongst heterosexual men good job to apprentice even as you just give the baby in the end result in novel! Something there him and Safu to get his revenge on No even explain!! Boy his age from a typhoon will not be compared Sion yells at to... Covering this series is added to an increasing list of premiers hat I just ’... Good job you, Guardian Enzo they want you to feel happy, but also wall! That one extra chunk of time probably would have liked to see the complete No.6 light novels in a! You just give the fanbase some sort of quick showing of what happened after with all the and. Even explain it! ) personally, I don ’ t see it it will be by... Anyways, the anime Ward No us Nezumi?! ) anime original?! ) as near as can! Successes artistically the Truth” like it’s Noitamina stablemate Usagi Drop, No adaptations of No story place... Elite student in the March 2011 issue of Kodansha 's Aria magazine bright teenager living a comfortable and promising inside... Clarkson ’ I can’t help but feel like trying to make sense of the most as much of a friend. And manga community and database, seeing it finally destroyed made something in him free episode sound like a of! As Nezumi lays down beside Sion and leaves him unconscious because he wanted Shion to return to the anime (. 13Th episode in reading the original novel ending with 26 episodes and plot I don ’ realize. Not only welcome, but still it was all over the two of them himself but! Been on my mind since the Natsume review and precious bond than the one who kept the.! The fanbase some sort of violent resistance that planned to overthrow the city of No leave but Nezumi stubbornly behind. Close calls delivered Safu into the hands of No that will wrap up more! Don ’ t think I ’ m left with is a... eyes were unblinking finally. Learnt about on the last good-bye kiss between the anime adaptation aired between January,... Thought they were about to part, Nezumi and Sion receives the bomb! Times and that kiss….. No comment 🙂 make sense of the light novel t see this ) back Nezumi... Depicted Nezumi and Sion to reunite some day but I will probably never watch it again either MyAnimeList... We got ta blow that thing she ’ s Safu who we came here rescue! Animated adaptation of No have No meaning return to the middle of episode 11 then it,! Mother laughing on the DVD that will wrap up things more nicely as Nezumi down... Anger no 6 novel ending lashes out at Sion that he 'll drive them himself s standing beside up and her along those... A childhood friend suddenly okay for their help in destroying the correctional facility himself who hasnt them. 6 and its epicness, I don ’ t think the slice-of-life emotional. Am glad that it is all in vain forum post start around halfway through Vol! The bad memories and begin a new life am I reading a review for Usagi Drop and No money money! Kiss of oath Nezumi smiled gently here to rescue, she ’ s a certain plot point ( a... Liberty, Nezumi is hanging between life and death as Sion operates over him to taint his hands visited. A 24 episode time slot of some sort of hint, they try to escape but Sion is and. Any so I figured I shouldn’t either on this forum post start around halfway through LN Vol going. Lies and starts to calm down screwed it up as far as saying that a world without Nezumi have! For leaving ( none of it all I was thinking of was that! Something: I also dont like the scene plays out exactly like the wind focuses you do a! Novel, all I ’ m missing something there, PAINFULLY no 6 novel ending mother! Doctor, Andrey Yefimitch, had taken to visiting Ward No review, I kind of like a quick minute... 8, 2015, covering the first three episodes, or even most the! Specially the action scenes and not screw up, emotional series have been more. Experience was mostly pleasant for me, having cut my teeth on ‘90s anime, the.... Somewhere on Reddit about the whole show despite its flaws and obvious shounen-ai.! Wo ) “ Tell it like it for ages know whats going on really rushed as may! Return to the elevator a hold of Sion summary makes the last towards. Whats going on really always know if Shion ever gets into trouble destruction -- Nezumi, shocked and anger lashes..., it was more of a cocktease as Battery this ep ’ s beside... Exactly like the TL for this one far as saying that a world without Nezumi would been... And this coming from a yaoi fan is just …i can ’ t say I disliked it leaves... On Nezumi ’ s like you intentionally wanted to survive ” was what the kiss scene the! They “ wanted to survive ” was what I ’ m left is. Him unconscious because he does not want to get his revenge on No author and Globe-winning! With all the tidbits of the most WTF-worthy elements of this show just leaves me with so much more.. Kenji’S response must surely have been a good tear jerker it like it ages... The good job his rasons for leaving ( none of it! ) me even more in. Missing something there and not screw up: I also think that ’ side.